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Sensotec Instruments

Sensotec Instruments

Its specialisation and experience in this sector, taking part in a wide range of automation projects, enables it to offer its customers effective technical support, which can be summarised in the following services:


Research, selection and evaluation of equipment suited to the needs of the installation, involving the Engineering Department if necessary.

Technical assistance during the different phases of the installation, start-up and adjustment of the equipment, whenever necessary.

Option of travelling to the facilities whenever required, having provided an estimate in advance.

Adjustment and calibration of the equipment in the customer’s laboratory.

On-going technical advice on any problems which may arise during the normal operation of the equipment.

Option of delivering the equipment with the corresponding certificates (calibration, verification, compliance, etc.).

Engineering Department: conception and basic design of control/automation and instrumentation systems for industrial units, process optimisation, calibration banks, detail engineering and the supply of complete banks.