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Sensotec Group


Sensotec was founded in 1984 by a small team of engineers and technicians. specialising in the industrial instrumentation sector. Since its foundation, its activities have focused on the field of the measurement and control of variables for industry (pressure, temperature, humidity, level, forces/weights and displacement).


Although measurement systems were chiefly based on electro-mechanical technologies at that time, Sensotec was a pioneer of the introduction of new breakthroughs in electronics in Spain, which began to be applied in the field of sensors/transducers/transmitters.


By 1990, its specialisation in this field had become well-known among most of the OEM industries and manufacturers in our country, because its supply programme included a notable range of sensors/transducers/transmitters with output signals compatible with most of the measurement equipment on the market, as well as complementary electronic equipment for the processing and visualization of the above signals. During this phase it began the manufacture of digital indicators and signal converters under the LEXITRON brand.


In 1994, as a result of relocation to new headquarters, a testing and calibration laboratory was established within the company, with the capacity to develop and manufacture instruments suited to the needs of international industries. With the incorporation of CERAM SENSOR transmitters, under the SENSOTEC brand, a new generation of pressure and force sensors was developed. The SENSOTEC GROUP expressly came into being at that time, made up of two specialist brands.


In 2003, with the purchase of NIVOMAT, the Sensotec Group expanded its manufacturing scope with mechanical instruments for level, pressure and flow measurements.


In 2007, with the experience acquired in the level and flow fields, LEVELTEC, the Group’s fourth brand, was created, specialising in the manufacture of electronic instruments for measuring flow and level.


The Sensotec Group has its headquarters in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, where the manufacturing facilities, laboratory, central warehouse and central offices are located. The team of staff is chiefly made up of engineers and technicians, specialising in the measurement of different physical magnitudes.


The facilities have the most modern testing and calibration systems, with a wide range of pressure banks, temperatures, electrical tests and a fluid dynamics bank, allowing the development and testing of fluids in movement (flow, energy, level, etc.).

Similarly, the Company has partnership agreements and combined projects with universities and technological centres for the undertaking of new projects and developments.


Sensotec operates in Madrid and Lisbon, with offices and personnel for marketing and technical support throughout the Iberian peninsula.


At an international level, the Sensotec Group has an extensive distribution network to provide its services through close cooperation with local personnel specialising in the markets of most countries in the world, for marketing and consultancy regarding new projects and the post-sales service in a fully globalised world.


The Sensotec Group is currently made up of four brands which share synergies and research resources:

LEXITRON: specialising in digital indicators, signal converters and power supplies.

LEVELTEC: develops and manufactures electronic flow and level measurement instruments.

NIVOMAT: specialised in mechanical instruments for measuring flow, pressure and level.

SENSOTEC: manufactures sensors of different physical magnitudes, particularly for pressure, force and temperature.