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Quality politics

Sensotec Instruments

Sensotec Instruments

Sensotec’s Quality Policy seeks to minimise incidents with customers and suppliers, aiming for a zero error rate, and to have the tools necessary to minimise all incidents which may affect the customer.


In view of the purpose outlined above, we have clearly defined the Company's course and, upon this basis, we take the strategic decisions necessary to guarantee our competitiveness.

Sensotec’s Quality Policy is based upon 5 premises:

  • The requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.  Through this standard we undertake to comply with our customers’ requirements and to ensure the on-going improvement of our management system.
  • The customer. Customer satisfaction is our main objective. The improvement of our individual customer care and the search for adequate solutions in terms of delivery times, technical solutions and profitability are the tools to achieve this.
  • The market. We must keep up to date with customer requirements and new products available on the market.
  • Our Company. We are aware of our organisation we have behind us and its possibilities and abilities, and that we must take full advantage of our potential and avoid involvement in features which are beyond our scope.
  • Organisation. All Sensotec’s human resources, from management to staff, are committed to the quality policy as a basic feature of the organisation’s management.

Sensotec possesses the following certificates:


· ISO 9001:2015 certificate
· Directive 2002/96/EC, P-46652-1 producer accreditation
· EC certification of all the instruments marketed
· Product certificates. We have products certified by different bodies and several convalidations. These include: ATEX, DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, UKAS, TÜV, ENAC, CSA, KTL, KOSHA, SIL-2, DESINA, CiA and PNO